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How many total songs?


Sort by song title - first and last?

  • First:  not including a ton of songs that begin with the "A something-er-other"  Aacigu - Heishan, an aini singer from nannuo-shan in yuennan
  • Last: not including numbers, or chinese/korean/japanese characters,  it would be Zwolf - by elph

Sort by time - shortest and longest?

  • Shortest:  well, once again this is dumb.  some are weird blank tracks, or roy orbison saying "take 2" ...  i think the shortest official track is "All" by the Descendents, listed at 5 seconds, its more like 2.
  • Longest: longest is kinda dumb.  cause i have some tracks that are 3 hour radio shows...  or whole albums as one track.  i guess the longest technically is the recording of boredoms 77 drums at 1 hour 47 minutes.  but benjamin britten's war requieum at 1 hour 16 seems like a more fare answer. 

Sort by Album - first and last?

  • First:  "A" by either Cass McCombs or Supercar. 
  • Last: "Zwei Osterei" by Kluster. 

Sort by Artist - first and last?

  • First: not counting numbers or bands that are "a something er other"  ..  Aardvark.  
  • Last:  zykos.  

Top five played songs?

1: Denizalti Ruzgarlan by Okay Temiz, off the bosporus bridges compilation
2: Yesterdays  Charles Mingus, Hampton Hawes, danny richmond  off of Mingus Three
3: Ninja Gaiden - Mine shaft - The Advantage
4: Metroid, kraids lair - The Advantage
5: You play for us today - Agitation Free  from Malesch.

granted the most i've played any track all the way through is 4 times.   i like variety... 

Find the following words. How many songs show up?

  • Sex: 204 - mostly for sextet probably.
  • Death: 177 - only a 9 from the band "death" ....how dissapointing.
  • Love: 1552 
  • You: 2749  -  you??? what the hell kind of option is that.
  • Home: 217
  • Boy: 434 - i think the beach boys skewed that one.
  • Girl: 450 - girl group compilations skewed that one.
i feel like i should add one of those shuffle questions.
ok ... first 10 to show up when you shuffle:
1: Absinthe Eternelle - Blood Axis and Les Joyaux de la princesse
2: defeated - babyland - finger
3: i want to talk about you - john coltrane - live at birdland
4: plash - takako minekawa - fun 9
5: Mademoiselle Gentleman - Feu Therese - ooh this ones good.
6: imagination - the quotations - doo wop box set
7: respond in silence - the oscillation   (and they use lots of oscillation in the song...)
8: retphase - mouse on mars
9: toujours plus a l'est - univers zero
10: Disc 3 track 47 - Hossein Alizadeh - from the radif navazi box set.   this is interesting.  the set has 273 songs. most less than a minute and a half, and all start with hossein saying a word or 5 in whatever language he speaks, arabic i assume.   and then him playing his stringed instrument.  it makes it kind of trance inducing in a good way.  he has a very calming voice.

ok thats enough.

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