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i feel like i should update this more.  mainly for my benefit of remembering things that aren't so memorable.

So starting saturday:
woke up late.
somehow didn't leave the house till after 2. 
went to a vegetarian south indian restaurant.  it was closed technically, but they let me in.  didn't give me a menu, as they only had a few things left.   I wanted Dosa.  They had Dosa.  i got that.  with masala ( the potato mixture).   also i got some sort of rice cake thing.  He called it rice cake, but it tasted more like a cross between ethiopean bread and cream of wheat formed into a sope sized disc.   it soaked up the liquid from the Dosa side dishes.     I liked the place.    on the way out i got a fresh juice from a juice stand,  carrot, bitter mellon, apple, celery.  it was good and extra bitter, and felt really healthy.   those juice stands are a favorite aspect of hong kong.  and have made me excited about my juicer i have waiting for me when i come back.
I believe i did nothing else that day but watch tv on the computer. and i think i tried reading in the library.
oh not true.  i saw Benjamin Button.   since i was by myself, and am weird about death, i found it pretty sad all the way through.  i kind of liked it though.  even if it is just another forest gump.  the wwII scene was pretty neat.  but I HATED with a passion the way the story is introduced to us... i super super super hate movies where the story is told in flash back from a hospital bed.  it is used too often and i hate it.  

Sunday:   Went back to the indian place with Ted.   It is called Banto.  its in tst on cook street.
we got a bunch of things  We got the Bhel Puri.  which was like kix/ricekrispies  with some potato, shredded coconut, tomato, celantro and maybe chickpeas.   It was interesting. but not exciting.
We got Pav Bhaji.  This was 2 rolls. really tasty buttery rolls, and a red colored 'curry'.  i don't think its really curry, but it looked like usual indian textured stuff.  it was exceptionally tasty.  we also got another Masala Dosa.   i asked for "pickles" and was given a plate with the usual tamarind chutney, mint chutney and some spicy sauce pickles.   it was all amazing.  the mint wasn't with yogurt, but fresh and dark green. the tamarind chutney was very sweet and fruity.  the pickles weren't quite as crazy as at Rajaat in the south bay, but were good.  i ran out of stuff to eat with them even after we got a Chapati or some kind of pancake thing.

Later i tried going to Tai Po to a well respected beef noodle place.   they serve beef cheeks, which i guess isn't always an option.  i hear there broth is great and not oily, and the meat is extra tender.   unfortunately they were closed.   its about 30 minutes to tai po. so i didn't want to turn around.  once again i had a mediocre goose meal in tai po instead.   Well this time it tasted real good.  but the rice was weird and gooey, and there was not nearly enough goose, and the house soup was kinda dishwatery tasting, and it was 5 more hkd than my favorite place for that same meal.

oh and i got some banana bread from a bakery in the mall.  which i only recently went into.   they have stuff without milk.  hopefully i wont' waste too much of the no money i have.

my musical discovery for the day:  The Focus Group, and by in general Ghost Box Records.  a label started by the guy who does the art for Broadcast and stereolab albums.  
The music is very samply and fun.  a review mentions bruce haack and raymond scott.  and i see the comparisons.  but much busier.
http://www.ghostbox.co.uk/thefocusgroup.htm    All the records have nice cover art.     I have a number of albums now from the label.
a few other from the focus group, but also Mount Vernon Arts Lab, Eric Zann,  and Belbury Poly.   They are all pretty similar. though Belbury seems more electronic.  and Eric Zann the darkest.
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