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so i cooked last night.
it went well, other than getting way too many fish bones scattered throughout my food, making for difficult eating.
but the flavor was right.

i was lazier today, and bought ingredients at Taste, the yuppie grocery store in the mall.   i got pork this time. it is nice getting refridgerated  meat though.  as at the wet market, meat is just hung on a hook.   This meal was a lot more fun to eat, and also tasted pretty good.
I'm excited about cooking again. for a while at least.   it would help if i had more than one pot to use.
i bought a knife, cutting board, resealable container, chopstics, and wooden spoon  all for about 4 dollars.  the cutting board smells like glue.  hope its not poisoning me.

i ate at the taiwan beef noodle place in kowloon city for the second time.   not the big one called Taiwan Beef Noodle, but the smaller one that doesn't have an english name.   An old man in there recognized me from eating across from me at another restaurant.  i had no memory of this, but its nice that he did.  The soup was a bit to numbing spicy, so it made my mouth feel kinda weird.  but they do the meat really well,  melts in your mouth.   good job.
picked up my favorite Mango rice dumpling things.  

Played drums again.  no blisters this time.  that was quick.

i'm excited about the Lamb restaurant tomorrow night.  Ted got a table for all 12-13 of us,  and pre-ordered the lamb leg.  you have to tell them a day in advance as it probably takes forever to cook.  
And friday it looks like i'm going bowling.  the group might be small, but that is fine.

time to re-write my homework.
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