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my birthday was pretty good considering i was away from home.

went out with a group of 12 people to my favorite northern chinese lamb restaurant. this wasn't originally for my birthday, so  it wasn't all friends.  but they all signed a card anyway.    Ted ordered the lamb leg a day in advance.  it was crazier looking than tasting.   my favorite was some stewed lamb shank kind of thing.  and the usual skewers. 
we got a big set meal that was 1700 hk$.  and added even more too it.  i ate and ate.  thanks to a lot of girls not eating much.  

then the next night i got a group to go bowling.  it ended up being pretty fun.  i didn't think it would work out, but there ended up being 10-11 people there.   i only didn't know 2 of them, but they were nice, and replaced a friend who had to go home sick.  

yesterday i was supposed to be reading.  but after class got out at 1230 i went to get lunch,  but noticed that Milk was playing... so i saw that.
i enjoyed it.   i think seeing it at the castro would have been better.   i wonder what the chinese people thought about it.    
it was way "hornier" than i expected.  it kind of made Milk look kind of sleezy.   but i suppose those were the times.  late 70s pre-aids san francisco was probably pretty randy.     it was great seeing the city, and made me miss it more.

i cooked again.  tofu and fish cakes and veggies.   the tofu was very "Fresh" tasting.  it came from a big block at a wet market.  it needed more flavor  from sauce or something to mask a bit of the strange fresh tofu flavor.   the fish cakes were great.  i think i'll buy those more often.    and cheap as hell.  
i was supposed to go to sleep,  but i found a copy of the Wrestler to download, and ended up watching it late last night.
Boy... that was not the thing to see before bed.
super good, and pretty darn depressing.   That would be rad if mickey rourke won the academy award, but i suppose that is unlikely.
Sean Penn was good, and so was brad pitt, but Rourke was the best.  haven't seen the other 2.  i think frost/nixon comes out here in a week or two.  i'll see it then.  but no matter how good they are in that one, i don't think it deserves and awards.  
The Wrestler was a really different story.  i've definitely never seen a real dramatic movie about a 'professional wrestler'.  

time to get food and do some real reading. 
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