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finished 2 days of "tests".    glad that is over.

i gave myself study breaks that involved watching;....
Role Models.   I really liked this one.   I'm a big Sean William Scott,  and a growing fan of Paul Rudd.
This movie could have been horrible, but i thought it was pretty great.   i liked all the nerdy live action role playing stuff. 
And i really like it when little kids swear in movies.  and there was a lot of that.   seeing a little 9 year old talk about titties is great.

then i watched Transporter 3.    i've been a fan of the series, and this was no exception.   maybe the action was less flashy, but to make up for it the girl was less annoying.   Shu Qi really sucked in the first one.  ANd the second girl was really full of herself and annoying.
this one was quiet for a long time...  much better.

Tonight i went with some folks  to see Fatih Akins "Im Juli."   I can see why it was so popular at le video.  its one of those warm hearted foreign movies that the sf crowd can't get enough of.   but i liked it.  i'm a huge sucker for road trip movies, especially in foreign countries.    i still think white girls shouldn't wear tight braids like that though.  its gnarly.
i got the gang to get dessert with me.  i like making people try chinese dessert.  they were good sports.   it was lauren from north carolina, a girl from finland and a boy from turkey.  the turkish boy was way too chatty.  but i think the finnish girl likes him.

i found some white powdery fluff growing on my wall near some water damaged area.   apparently its just efflorescence.... which is harmless, but might form a stalactite.
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