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went to taiwan for the lunar new year break.  that was fun.

now i'm sick.   bad fever.  but getting better slowly.

i just canceled my 'friendster' profile.   i think i had canceled it once before, it said i was a member since 2003, but i think it was before that.
who knows.

i finally started watching arrested development.
everyone said i'd like it, and sure enough i do.
now i'm 20 episodes into it.  
that's not good.  i need to be studying.

it's now dark in my room.
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that's funny; i just finished rewatching the entire series. that show is second only to curb in my opinion.
is that Tortoise song from the Thrilljockey set where bands cover other bands? how is it?
I figured out what it is. It's old and I don't have it!