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I told myself i would update more. 
So much for that.

So i'm still obsessed with the south indian food.  it is a pleasant departure from chinese food and japanese food.

I tried a vietnamese place.  it was tiny, and run mostly by one old guy.   he seemed christian, and was in the army it looks like. not sure who's.
no english. so i only could order Pho Tai.  well i said "pho" and he said "pho tai" and i remembered that being the normal thing i used to get.
well. still not quite right.  and cleanliness seemed to be an issue (step down from vietnam on broadway) .  so the search continues.

i ate a papaya salad at my thai place i go to.  i asked for it to be less spicy.  but i think her laugh she gave me was to tell me she wouldn't do it, as it had a large amount of mortar crushed thai bird chilis.  and boy are they hot.  all the seeds evenly scattered throughout the salad.  i think it would be tasy without them.   oh well.   also, there yellow curry was bad.  i'll stick with my coconut soup and grilled fish for now.

i posted my first review on "openrice.com"  its hong kongs yelp.  just not used as much. and all in chinese.  it was hard to register.
and they emailed me something, but i don't know what it says.  and there was an error at one point that took a while to figure out.

i'm starting to go to a martial arts class with Ted.  Yi quan.  or mind boxing.    mostly i'm just doing stances.  mostly the "power stance".  which is a knee bend, straight back hands out in front like you are holding a big ball.   the goal is to hold this position for 40 minutes without shaking.   i get to about 3 when the shakes really start bad.   i almost did the 15 today.   my goal is 15 with no shakes.   ted was up to around 25,  and another fellow who has been training every day for 3 years had his "test" today, and did all 40 no shakes.  he came in really skinny, and still looks small and weak, but damn that guys strong.   he was doing his punches and kicks for part of his test, and they were deadly sounding/looking.  i think this will be good for my posture and over-all well being.  so thats good.   right now it makes me nauseous,  because of the posture and the strain.  

i'm going to the Ba Yi lamb restaurant with a group of 13 classmates on thursday.   unofficially for my birthday.   i think i'm officially going bowling for my birthday, but i don't have my hopes up.  

i saw a few movies lately.

Naked Prey.   the movie about a group of white game hunters who are captured by an african tribe, and they set one loose on a "most dangerous game" type thing.   not much dialogue.  mostly the white fellow Cornel Wilde running around in his underwear while some tribesmen try hunting him down.   i liked it.  its shot in northern south africa lending it authenticity.  and it makes you feel hot and tired just watching him.   interesting animal photography too.

i saw polanski's Cul-De-Sac in the theater.   there was a polish film festival that i missed all of, except the last night they played cul-de-sac.
the print was really bad.  but it was great seeing it in the theater.  nice theater at the sciense museum. i'm excited to see more there.
i went with a friend Lauren from north carolina and a slightly annoying french jewish dude.   he thinks himself a dj.  and bought glasses so that he would have a new "look" for the week.   he also refused to eat indian food with us before hand, and went to mcdonalds instead.  and told us how good it was.  no joke.

today i saw Valkyrie.   ehh.   tom cruise was fine.  and i wasn't bothered at all that they didn't try to speak or sound german.    the cast is pretty good all around.   some scense were kind of tense.   but all in all i wasn't really impressed or that dissapointed.  just kinda blah.

i'm turning 30 on friday.  and not too pleased about it.  especially when everyone around me is barely 22.

i think i'm going to try and cook something soon.

oh.  i practiced drums on wednesday for  the first time in maybe 8 months or more.   since we left the practice space.  
i got blisters, but it felt good to play. and i'm going to do it at least every wednesday.

oh. i finished all of Arrested development.  the only thing keeping me from being sad about it, is knowing that i'll watch it again with monica.
i really liked that show.   especially Buster.

ok. back to homework

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OOOOOO!!! you're listening to my FAVORITE SONG again!!! oh! so jealous! i'm coming over!!

and thank you for updating more often. muah!!! yay honey trying new things!